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In the activities of Active Tourism and Sports of Adventure there is a potential risk derived from its own nature. The guides and technicians have the appropriate preparation and experience to the activity that they develop. Participants should follow their instructions and guidelines to safeguard safety in the activity. The activities reported in the adventure section and those related to active tourism are promoted and carried out by CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY, whose purpose is to promote this type of adventure sports.

Security and Service:

  1. CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY has liability insurance for its monitors. It also has a risk prevention plan that guarantees active and passive safety in the activity (use of stations, mobiles, first aid kit, support car in the activities that require it, approved material ...). The monitors are specialists in each of the activities.
  2. The client has the obligation to report on possible gestation, cardiovascular diseases or any type of physical limitation before participating in the activity. Likewise, those who undertake the activity must not to be under the effects of alcohol, drugs or any other medication that may affect your ability to react participation in activities, implies that the client has previously advised of the technical and physical requirements of the activity in which he wishes to participate and assure that he has the capacity to carry it out, and that it will have the necessary equipment for it (appropriate clothing and footwear, personal material, etc.). To facilitate this task CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY offers detailed information on activities by different means: on the page, on their channels in social networks or by email.
    In the personalized budget that is sent to the client will be via email with the availability of our technicians to advise on any aspect of the activity to be developed.
  3. CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY reserves the right to refuse the participation of users who do not meet age, physical and health conditions adequate to practice the activity, and who have the necessary knowledge and ability to execute, taking into account the Characteristics of the activity, the conditions or other circumstances.
  4. To participate in aquatic activities it is essential to know how to swim, in addition to wearing bathing clothes and dry clothes and shoes to use at the end of the activity.
  5. Minors must be authorized and accompanied by an authorized and responsible adult.
  6. CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY is not responsible for the consequences arising from the non-compliance by the client of the instructions indicated by the monitors. Likewise, CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY may prevent the participation of a person whose physical condition and / or personal equipment is not appropriate to the activity and can cause a risk situation in the same.
  7. CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY is exempt from liability for incidents attributable to other companies providing services for the contracted activity and outside CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY (transport, meals ...), having direct responsibility.
  8. For participation in an activity, the client must previously accredit the payment of the same, contributing for it the day of the activity: the ticket or invoice and the D.N.I. (Participation is personal and non-transferable). In the case of groups will be credited according to the indications of the accepted budget.
  9. The user agrees to record images and videos during the development of the activity, authorizing CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY to store and use them in their media and marketing, Web page, social networks or any other Another communication medium.
  10. CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY reserves the right to modify the characteristics of the contracted service (order of activities, duration, place, design ...) in order to respond as best as possible to the characteristics and needs of the participants or if for reasons beyond their control Will be forced to it (meteorology, security, behaviour ...)

Contract conditions

  1. The budget issued by CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY is generally valid for 3 months, although it can be altered by changes in the rates of external service providers or by a different number of participants than indicated.
  2. The indicated rates refer to the benefits indicated, not including extra or unspecified services.
  3. CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY must receive a pre-payment of 100% of the total amount of the activity 4 weeks before the realization of the same to confirm your reservation. No reservation will be considered firm if it is not made through the booking engine of the web that the amounts indicated in the agreed terms are paid.
  4. The cancellation of the activity before 48 hours by the customer implies that the customer must pay a 25% (prepayment) for management expenses. In the event that the cancellation by the customer occurs less than 48 hours from the completion of the same, implies payment of 50% of the price. The non-presentation or suspension of the activity by the client less than 48 hours from the realization of the same implies the payment of 100% of the price. In case of cancellation due to meteorological effect the client has booked the event for one year from the date of registration.
  5. Customers who voluntarily desist from using any contracted service or participating in the activity will not be entitled to any reimbursement. If during the activity the user decides to desist from it and proceed to abandon it, from that same moment it will no longer be under the responsibility of CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY for all purposes.
  6. The client, by participating in any activity organized by CANARIAS BIKE MOBILITY, accepts each and every one of these general conditions.
  7. For the knowledge of any claim that may be made for any cause, both the contractor and the participant in an activity are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with waiver of any other jurisdiction.
  8. Services provided through other companies or institutions may add new features and conditions of participation.

We invite our clients to know them through them or to ask us any questions.


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